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March 2004

Fichero AudioHuman Rights and Peace Negotiations: The Filipino Peace Negotiation Model.
Prof. Richard Wilson interviews Rey Claro Casambre, Executive Director of the Philippine Peace Center, Convenor of Pilgrims for Peace.
Radio Nizkor, 25Feb04

During the seminar on "States of Exception and Strategies for Peace and for the Defence of Civil Rights", held in Brussels between the 27th. and the 29th. of March 2003, Richard Wilson- Professor of Law and Director of the International Human Rights Law Clinic, American University Washington, D.C.- took the opportunity to interview Rey Claro Casambre about the Filipino Peace Negociations Model.

The importance of this interview relies on the fact that there is a lack of concrete information about the Filipino peace process. Also, in these peace negotiations International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law are clearly used, which promotes a better comprehension of the important role of these two elements in any peace negotiation process.

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