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Use Restriction Clause

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"The intellectual property (Copyright) of all the files produced by Radio Nizkor, as well as the texts, formats and images that are on the website are legal property of the Nizkor Team and cannot be copied, reproduced, edited, photocopied or duplicated, be it manually, photographically, digital and/or electronically, or in printed editions or by any other method. The violation of this clause is punishable by law, and hence, the Nizkor Team will take legal measures against the parties responsible for said violation.

Its sound reproduction for the dissemination of information by legitimate human rights, civil liberties and peace organizations and/or activists, within the regular framework of their activities is permitted, but the legal credits (title, author, subject, etc.) should be respected and the source of the material should be provided, along with a warning against its illegal use.

The reproduction of these files by non-profit stations, also known as community radios or akin to these, is permitted but never with commercial or advertising purposes, always respecting the thematic integrity of the file in question. They may never be used against the ethical norms of human rights. In order to protect, disseminate and facilitate training in human rights, civil liberties and peace, these documents are of a public nature.

Any other uses that have not been provided for in the aforementioned legal reserve clauses, should be specifically and reliably authorized by the Nizkor Team."

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